Sir Nigel Teare joins Arbitrators at 10 Fleet Street

Arbitrators at 10 Fleet Street is honoured to welcome Sir Nigel Teare as an Arbitrator. Sir Nigel sat as a judge of the Queen’s Bench Division from 2006 until his retirement from the High Court bench on 30 September 2020. He was the Judge in charge of the Commercial Court and the Admiralty Judge. He is now available to accept appointments as arbitrator.

Sir Nigel has had an exceptional career first as counsel and then as a High Court Judge. He has decided many of the most high-profile cases of recent years across many different business sectors.

Most recently, in 2019-2020 he decided which of two claimants to the Presidency of Venezuela was entitled to give instructions to the Bank of England regarding Venezuela’s gold reserves (Deutsche Bank and Bank of England v Central Bank of Venezuela [2020] EWHC 1721 (Comm), who was party to a shareholders’ agreement concerning a valuable site in central Moscow (Filatona and Deripaska v Navigator and Chernukhin [2019] EWHC 173 (Comm), whether a shipowner had scuttled his ship by arranging for it to be attacked by persons pretending to be pirates (Suez Fortune v Talbot Underwriting [2019] EWHC 259 (Comm), whether Liverpool Football Club was entitled to have Nike sponsor its football shirts (New Balance Athletics v Liverpool FC [2019] EWHC 2837 (Comm) and whether a defective passage plan rendered a vessel unseaworthy (Alise 1954 v Allianz [2019] EWHC 481 (Admlty).

“I am delighted to be joining Arbitrators at 10 Fleet Street. As I know from being a judge of the Commercial Court and from my time in practice, arbitration continues to flourish. It is an exciting prospect to be able to return to arbitration and I look forward to doing so.” Sir Nigel Teare

“As a much liked and respected former colleague and Head of Chambers at Quadrant it is a pleasure to welcome Sir Nigel to Arbitrators at 10 Fleet Street. To many commercial lawyers he will need no introduction and I have no doubt that his combination of good humour, formidable intellect and vast experience at the cutting edge of the law will make him a highly sought-after arbitrator for international commercial disputes.”. Simon Croall QC, Head of Quadrant Chambers

To appoint Sir Nigel, please contact John Walker or Sanel Sonmezani on 0845 262 0310.

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